Why do people keep asking me about our president?

As you may have heard there has been a lot of controversy over President Donald Trump.  Some people have their opinions and they are entitled to them, whereas others have theirs.  Patients will often ask me what I think, so I thought now is as good a time as any to give my opinion.  I am of course referring to the question, “How did Donald Trump get his teeth to be so white?”

Teeth whitening works by getting the bleach product, mostly hydrogen peroxide, deep into the enamel rods that make up the enamel of the tooth.  This allows an oxidation reaction to occur, which breaks up the stain, causing whiter teeth.

As any good political argument goes, we have to briefly go over the different options “The Donald” had to choose from and then determine if this particular option would fit into the kind of lifestyle of the POTUS.

First we have the in-office whitening procedure called Zoom Whitening.  This procedure works by applying a bleaching gel to the teeth and having a high-intensity light activate the whitening catalyst as the patient simply relaxes in the dental chair.  Zoom Whitening consists of three fifteen minute cycles where fresh gel is applied before each cycle so the process is completed in about forty-five minutes.  Studies show that after forty-five minutes the patient can experience a six to eight shade increase in the overall whiteness of their teeth.  There is minimal post-op sensitivity with this product and the benefit is immediate results.

POTUS Pontification:  “This is a tremendous product, hugely amazing.  Great, just great!”

Chance Mexico pays for it: 99%

Is this how Donald Trump got his teeth so white?  Unlikely, protocol strictly dictates the patient must remain quiet and sit still for three fifteen minute increments.  That is a lot of tweeting missed out on.

Secondly, we have at home whitening, with this method impressions of your teeth are made and bleaching trays are fabricated for you to take home.  This allows you to apply a peroxide based gel that varies anywhere between 5%-25% at your leisure.  These trays can be worn between 30-60 minutes for the higher concentrations or for up to eight hours (overnight) for the lower concentrations.  On average it takes about four to six weeks to see results and then it is best to continue to use the bleaching trays every couple months to maintain color shade.  Again there is minimal sensitivity, however, the sensitivity increases with the increase in peroxide content.

POTUS Pontification: “Very strong product, very very classy.”

Chance Mexico pays for it: 80%

Is this how Donald Trump made his teeth so white?  Again it is unlikely, many say he doesn’t ever stop working so it is unlikely he ever sleeps so he doesn’t have the time to sit around in bleaching trays.


Next, we have the crest white strips.  This is an over the counter product that carries the bleaching material along strips designed to be placed over your teeth.  The strips don’t mold exactly to your teeth so there is a possibility the gel isn’t getting into the crevices between your teeth.  Also, the strips may not be wide enough to reach the teeth farther towards the back or tall enough to reach the front of the tooth all the way up to the level of the gingival.  There is a much higher incidence and severity of sensitivity with Crest White strips compared to Zoom Whitening or customized bleaching trays.  The results are not as promising however they are an acceptable less expensive alternative.

POTUS Pontification: “I would totally accept the results of this product if I won it.”

Chance Mexico pays for it: 50%

Is this how Donald Trump made his teeth so white?  As I mentioned it is the less expensive alternative, so probably not.


Then we have the notorious Mall Kiosk whitening booths.  In this scenario the employee working in the kiosk doesn’t (or shouldn’t) perform any dental duties instead they are supposed to instruct the customer on how to apply the gel to the tray and insert the tray into their mouths.  Many times these whitening booths will use carbamide peroxide instead of hydrogen peroxide in their bleaching trays.  Carbamide peroxide at similar concentrations to hydrogen peroxide is reportedly 1/3 as effective as hydrogen peroxide.  This way it will appear they are using the same concentration as what we are accustomed to seeing however in a less risky fashion.  This leads to less potential side effects but not nearly the results.  Secondly, and much more concerning is the sterile technique, or lack thereof, that these employees may have been trained because these booths are completely unregulated.  I am not exactly interested in putting anything that has been hanging around the mall for a few days into my mouth unless it is a Mrs. Fields cookie.

POTUS Pontification: “The lack of sterile technique leads me to think the trays could be a potential Trojan horse for germs.”

Chance Mexico pays for it: 10%

Is this how Donald Trump made his teeth so white?  He has claimed to be quite the “germophobe” in the past so I can imagine he would try to steer clear of this method.

Lastly, we will briefly touch on the whitening toothpastes.  They are extremely overpriced, many people have extreme sensitivity to them and if anyone ever sees any results they are usually very minimal at best.  There is even whitening toothpaste that claims to help with sensitivity which is essentially claiming to do two exact opposite things at the same time.  It is best just to stick with any type of fluoride toothpaste and avoid this marketing ploy altogether.

POTUS Pontification: “A Disgrace.”

Chance Mexico pays for it: 0%

Is this how Donald Trump made his teeth so white?  No way.

Although we haven’t been able to figure out exactly how President Trump has gotten such white teeth I am surprised anyone has ever noticed, I mean the better question would be how did he get such beautiful hair?

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  1. Fabulous! Thank you for this bit of entertainment about our new president that doesn’t hurt my heart and actually put a smile on my face.

    1. Good post. I learn something new and chlealnging on sites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always useful to read content from other authors and practice something from their sites.

  2. I really did LOL. I like that you include all the different ways to whiten teeth. This is very helpful

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